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CustomerDeutscher Künstlerbund
TagsData visualization, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Vue.js, ProcessWire

The online database of the scholarship program "Module D: Digitale Vermittlungsformate" was comissioned by Deutscher Künstlerbund with the aim of communicating the spectrum of artistic production that was funded by the scholarship program.

Meta Index

The website is conceived both as a classic artist index as well as an experimental Vermittlungsformat itself. While analyzing the texts of the final reports of the scholarship holders by Natural Language Processing algorithms (NLP) and experimenting with creating new relations between the projects, we developed the concept of the Meta Index. It is based on a specially programmed text analysis tool that examines all short descriptions of the final factual reports of the scholarship holders.

By extracting both common and unique terms, new thematic connections, common practices, technologies and current tendencies of artistic production become recognizable. The Meta Index offers as a poetic-associative approach of words and word sequences, and encourages the visitors and users of the database to embark on a search, to follow their own associations and personal curiosity.

The Meta Index shows the "common" terms that appear in at least two project descriptions and thus makes connections between the individual projects of the scholarship holders visible. By accessing the database via the Meta Index, the user finds a list of "unique" terms, words which only appear in one of the texts in the database and are therefore specific to a single project.

The website evolves over time since with every submitted project the Meta Index is updated and new relations between the individual works are created.