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Urban Alternatives

CustomerEuropean Alternatives
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The strive for political participation and social justice in a globalized and neoliberal world is not an utopia.

A multitude of movements are developing ideas and collaborative projects that make democratic change and social transformation beyond established governments and political structures possible.



Together with European Alternatives and a group of collaborators, we conceived a platform for emerging initiatives that enables the participants to create visibility for their projects, documents, discover similarities, learn from each other, exchange ideas and to transfer knowledge.

The platform is open for participation and seeks to collect initiatives working on topics such as Citizen Participation Mechanism, Democratic Remunicipation, Inclusive Housing & Public Space, Migration & Citizen Rights, Social & Solidarity Economy, Socio-Ecological Transformation.

Interact & Collaborate

Search something
The map can be searched an filtered by main thematic topics.
Show event
Current events are highlighted on the map.
Add an initiative
New contributions can be submitted via forms which allow to create new relations between initiatives, references and cities.

Starting from Scratch

Africa white spots
The removal of all map features creates a new empty landscape, reminding of the historic white spots on maps. (c) Gemeinfrei, wikipedia
Africa on mapbox source
The new geography shows elevations and terrain only.
Mapbox editor
The Mapbox API offers a great tool to customize the whole display of the map.




Welcome initiatives for refugees Opposition to large infrastructural project Support to social self-organized activities Unemployment and precarization Anti-austerity local financial policies