Blockchain with JavaScript (ES6)

  • JavaScript, ES6, Prototype, Utility, NPM

There's a lot of talk these days about the Blockchain and that the technology behind it will significantly shape our future.

In order to understand better what it actually is and how it works, we build this little Node.js module.

Use the interface below and play around!


Add Data to Blockchain
Validate Blockchain
Manipulate Blockchain


This ES6 Demo works with Google Chrome only.
But it's possible to transpile this module to ES5 for all browsers with Babel (e.g.)

This Project is available on Github

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A simple blockchain with javascript as Node.js Module. Use test.html to play around!


Save your Hash function in window.myHashFunction


Initialize the Blockchain.

window.myHashFunction = sha256(); /* your Hash function */
let blockchain = new Blockchain(); /* Blockchain extends Array. */

add Data (create new Block)


check integrity

/* returns true or false */